Liberate | RIVERLATTE (Rivalate) Series

Obtained through Zeig as the upgrade of the 15Star Novel series.



Liberate has 200 higher base attack than Lightstream | TRAILBLAZER and has a good potential. The Rifle S5 (Fiery End | Fatal Round, rifle) is usable, but loses to Vante Weihen due to the boost tied to a cooldown/dodge gimmick, unlike Vante’s ability to sacrifice Weak Bullet | Blight Rounds instead.

The Launcher S5 (Firey Zero | Obliterating Blast) boasts immense power; 250% boost to Zero Distance | Contact Blast on a higher weapon base makes it an overall upgrade from Exium Bunker. A solid choice for Rifle would be Mysterious Intent or Anthesis Cultivation, while Launcher can maintain its native one.

Liberate is definitely one of the strongest series in the game, with room for utility depending on S4/S5 choice. There are some better rifles in regards to DPP, survival and burst potential, though that’s not to say Liberate can’t provide in all of those categories while still outperforming in the main department: damage.

Below are example setups you can use on Liberate:

S4: Rifle or S4: Partizan + S5: Anthesis Cultivation
Utility S4 with the Qliphad affix doubler.

S4: Skilled Balance | Precise Balance + S5: Mysterious Purpose | Skillful Adept Will
Critical focused build, max mileage with Ra/Et or Ra/Ph subclasses.

S4: Raising Pursuit + S5: Mysterious Purpose | Skillful Adept Will (or) Anthesis Cultivation
Expensive build and more damage oriented.

S4: Launcher + S5: Fiery Zero | Obliterating Blast
Launcher focused build giving more PP regeneration on traps and a powerful Zero Distance counter.

LevelPotential Effect
1Increases critical hit rate by 10%, increases Power by 10% [19%], and decreases PP consumption by 10%.
2Increases critical hit rate by 15%, increases Power by 13% [21%], and decreases PP consumption by 12%.
3Increases critical hit rate by 20%, increases Power by 16% [23%], and decreases PP consumption by 15%.
Liberated Fang [Brackets denotes Redux version]

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