Million / Croesus Series



The Million (silver) and Krisa | Croesus (gold) series are both identical in terms of stats and the drop-only Krisa | Croesus series is purely a cosmetic difference (similar to Zeinesis and Qliphad), but has a remarkably easier stat requirements (300 DEX!!!) to use! What this weapon offers is yet another freebie weapon through badges with a bit of an interesting potential and a damage topping out around current gear, great for returning players or those looking to gear alts.

Million’s potential has an approximate 10% chance to activate one of four effects:

Reduce damage taken by 50% when attacked.
Increase PP recovery of normal attacks by 100%.
Reduce PP consumption upon activation of a PA or Tech by 50%.
Recover HP upon an successful attack (100 HP).

Million also has a hidden 15% damage bonus that isn’t written in the weapon’s description, and with the slots the damage is around Atlas Ex+ levels. With the RNG utility elements, it’s certainly a fun and gimmicky weapon but it tends to be unreliable in Ultra Hard content (for obvious reasons).

In short, it’s an aesthetically pleasing weapon that’s also usable. Probably won’t receive and upgrade similar to last year’s anniversary series Novel but grabbing one won’t hurt just in case, knowing SEGA.

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