Assault Rifle PAs


UsagesWhat this PA is usually used for.
DPSDamage per second. The higher the better.
DPPDamage per PP spent, or PP efficiency. The higher the better.
FramesAnimation frames, or how long the attack takes. The lower the better.

PiercingShell Piercing Shell | Piercing Round

Your most basic projectile PA; fires a shot that pierces.

9/27/2017 adjustments

4/24/2019 adjustments

Quick DPS when aerial; filler PA to trigger Stationary bonus.
Main DPS PA on small hitboxes if you can 2-tick
DPS2200.00 (aerial 2-tick), 838.98 (ground)
DPP82.50 (aerial), 41.25 (ground)
Frames59f (ground), 45f (aerial)

Faster whilst midair and gaining Standing Snipe benefits, Piercing Shell is the answer to thicker targets as it can be quite an efficient way to mow down mini-bosses, or on parts where the lingering projectile can hit twice; essentially, the double-hit property is the only way this PA becomes notable. A video showcasing Piercing Shell’s time-to-kill versus other rifle PAs can be seen here.

GrenadeShell.png Grenade Shell | Grenade Round

Shoots a explosive shell.

Rifle mobbing???
DPS1115.38 (aerial), 966.67 (ground)
Frames39f (aerial), 45f (ground)

Grenade Shell’s AoE is very small and the damage isn’t very impressive.
Launchers, or other Rifle PAs handle quick mobbing better. Other than providing a fast way to stay suspended midair and procc Tech Arts JA Bonus / PP Save, this PA doesn’t do anything spectacular.

The 9/27/2017 adjustmentshasn’t helped this PA, so there are no adjustments to the rating.

4/24/2019 adjustments turns Grenade Shell into a filler for aerial Standing Snipe or JA bonuses.

OnePoint One Point | Steady Shot

Fires 12 bullets onto the enemy.

9/27/2017 adjustments

4/24/2019 adjustments

PP-efficient PA for small/fast hitboxes.

Recent buffs to One Point (yet again) turns it into a better DPP PA now, even beating out Parallel Slider Type-0 in certain cases! Additionally, aerial One Point can now activate Standing Snipe, making this a great choice for general damage usage.

One Point shines much better on bosses that are moving too fast, which would make it ideal over using Satellite Cannon and End Attract.

DiffuseShell.png Diffuse Shell | Diffuse Round

Fires a close ranged blast.

9/27/2017 adjustments

4/24/2019 adjustments

UsagesSingle-target/Close-range AoE
DPS PA against aggressive threats/awkward hitboxes
DPS1663.81 (aerial), 1476.34 (ground)
Frames63f (aerial), 71f (ground)

9/27/2017: Diffuse Shell is still a filler PA for Standing Snipe and JA bonuses. It can now be canceled early, and has a noticeable damage buff, but it still has that post-firing delay which makes it awkward to spam. A showcase of Diffuse Shell’s time-to-kill against other rifle PAs can be found here.

4/24/2019: Aerial Diffuse Shell can now activate Standing Snipe, but is still awkward to use in most cases.

HomingEmission Homing Emission (and Type-0) | Homing Volley

Fires up to 6 homing projectiles onto enemies.

Situational DPS PA when you need to dump PP
DPS1774.62 (>2 dive rolls), 591.54 (<1 dive roll)
DPP51.27 (>2 dive rolls), 17.09 (<1 dive roll)

Homing Emission used to be for bossing, but now Satellite Cannon and End Attract exists which replaces Homing Emission. However, the short firing animation makes it perfect for Standing Snipe & JA bonuses, as explained in the Tips & Tricks section.

Type-0 turns Homing Emission into a PP dump on bosses with narrow hitboxes. A showcase of HE0’s time-to-kill against other rifle PAs can be found here.

9/27/2017 adjustments

ImpactSlider Impact Slider

Slides towards the enemy with a barrage of shots.

Main DPS PA on narrow/fast hitboxes
Repositioning tool; invincible during slide
DPS1395.50 (kick cancelled)
DPP111.64 (kick cancelled)
Frames120f (includes dive roll animation)

Impact Slider’s latest buff has made it more applicable in more situations now, as you can control the distance with movement keys. A small note is that letting the kick whiff then firing a normal or special bullet activates Standing Snipe. It’s invincibility starts as soon as you slide and ends at the start of the kick.

Impact Slider’s power was buffed in 9/27/2017 adjustments, in 12/06/2017, in 4/24/2019, and in 07/10/2019

SneakShooter.png Sneak Shooter | Stealth Shot

Fires a crouched shot that travels fast.

I-frames/Evasion PA

Sneak Shooter is a nice PA for fast, quick damage, and is mostly used for sniping targets 8~ dive rolls away.

As of Episode 5, Sneak Shooter gains invincibility frames at the beginning, and ends when you shoot or when you start crawling.

9/27/2017 and 07/10/2019 adjustments buffs Sneak Shooter’s damage.

GloriousRain.png Glorious Rain | Skyfire Salvo

Fires a hail of bullets that rain on your spot.

9/27/2017 adjustments

Situationally good when soloing.
DPS1460.25 (aerial), 1168.20 (ground)
Frames80f (aerial), 100f (ground)

Glorious Rain has some specific usages, such as positioning yourself above enemies while they try to hit you from below, otherwise most enemies will run out of the AoE.

ParallelSlider Parallel Slider | Slideburst

Performs a evasive maneuver while shooting bullets.

Making you slide right into your grave.
DPS761.44 (back)
Frames97f (back)

The post-firing delay is long, the damage is lackluster, and the animation doesn’t give you invincibility frames. Just get the Type-0 craft.

9/27/2017 adjustments

ParallelSlider Parallel Slider Type-0 | Slideburst Type-0

When held, allows you to move while shooting bullets. Drains PP while held.

UsagesSingle-target, chasing/kiting fast enemies
Very strong repositioning tool
Main I-frame/evasion PA
DPS734.62 (10 shots), 995.67 (50 shots)
DPP72.85 (10 shots), 364.25 (50 shots)
Frames119f (10 shots), 439f (50 shots)

Parallel Slider Type-0 is the craft you need to survive most, if not all attacks thrown at you, because:

  1. The starting animation makes you invincible until you start shooting, and
  2. You can safely kite out of an enemy’s range while dealing damage.

Parallel Slider-0’s damage is great for sustaining DPS, but for bursting look into using Satellite Cannon and End Attract.

9/27/2017 adjustments

07/10/2019 adjustments

SatelliteCannon.png Satellite Cannon

When fully charged, launches a orbital strike at the indicated location.

Highly PP-efficient. Only works on stationary enemies
Enables pre-emptive shots on enemies during phase change
DPS268.29 (no charge), 1411.13 (charge 1), 1511.33 (charge 2)
DPP9.78 (no charge), 117.59 (charge 1), 196.00 (charge 2)
Frames70f, 160f, 249f (no charge, charge 1, charge 2)

There are some drawbacks to Satellite Cannon you should be aware of:

  • You need to charge for ~3 seconds (or 7 audible ticks) for Satellite Cannon to be at it’s strongest.
  • It hits top down, and can be blocked by the enemy’s hat/shield/hitbox/etc.
  • You are rooted in place while charging, and the charge can be interrupted.
  • It has a limited range, meaning that you can’t strike things from across the map.

Despite these drawbacks, Satellite Cannon is one of the best PA’s for Damage:PP spent.

9/27/2017 adjustments

07/10/2019 adjustments

EndAttract End Attract | Positron Blast

When fully charged, fires off a massive bullet that can pierce through targets.

Best DPS tool against big targets. Needs 3+ weakpoint ticks to be worthwhile.
DPS1155.00 (1 tick), 1938.46 (3 ticks), 3230.77 (5 ticks)
DPP33.37 (1 tick), 182.00 (3 ticks), 303.33 (5 ticks)

A quick charging PA that deals huge amounts of damage, and 9/27/2017 adjustments improves EA’s damage by a lot; this is your main PA when you can’t use Satellite Cannon. However, it shares the same flaws with Satellite Cannon in that it has a limited range, and roots you in place while charging.