11/21/20 Added Phantom & Etoile Caseal Presets to celebrate NA Episode 6’s announcement. Get hyped! Updated Class Combinations Added 741383888663740538 Luster subclass analysis. 11/15/20 S-Class Abilities | S-Grade Augments The page doesn’t look like hot shit anymore! Also added 13Star Unit SSAs (Episode 6 specific) 11/11/20 Recommended Updated Weapon Flowchart (NA) We’re changing the page layout. If something breaks, remain calm! OOFstere series is Ophistia for reference. I can’t even spell it right 90% of the time… NA Rifle Breakdown before conditionals (OOFstere/Occuld/TRAILBLAZER) NA Launcher Breakdown before conditionals (OOFstere/Occuld/TRAILBLAZER) 10/26/20 Recommended Added 14Star Yasminokov 4000FJ Updated Weapon Flowchart (NA) Breakdown of the current Rifles (with Vante & Atlas EX) Breakdown of the current Launchers (with Yas4kFJ & Atlas EX) Video demonstration of Yasminokov 4000FJ’s quad shot Vante Weihen video demonstration Vante Weihen comparison with a 15* weapon 10/12/20 Weapons Added some NA specific names for S-Grade Augments. Recommended S-Grade Augments for NA? Uh… Since there’s no good options at this time of writing, here’s my opinion:
  • S1:
    • Aggressive Will (+2% damage, +35 Val Gunslash)
    • Photon Descent (7% PP reduction, +35 Val Rifle)
  • S2:
    • Goliathslayer’s Will (+3% more damage against mini-bosses & bosses, +35 Mars weapon)
    • Aggressive Will
    • Photon Descent (10% PP reduction)
  • S3:
    • Lucent Adversity (Recover +15% PP when taking damage)
    • Lucent Domain (Restore 3 PP when an enemy dies within a fixed range, works better on Launcher)
    • Photon Descent
    • Revenant’s Descent (Reduce PP consumption based on the Photon Blast Gauge. Maxes at 12%, +35 Ares Ryuuga/Ares Blade/Ares Bow)
  • S4:
    • Mettle of the Rested (Rifle S4, immunity to flinch while stationary)
    • Photonic Trap (Launcher S4, +20% more PP gained from Tactical Traps)
    • Photon Adaptation (Partizan S4, PP efficiency (Natural, Attack, Reduction) increases based on MATHS: [(Max PP – 120) * 0.1] = x%) 220 PP recommended for best effect (10%)
    • Lifesteal (Gunblade S4, Restore 1% HP from damage dealt (caps at 30 HP)). Only consider if playing non-Hunter subclass
PSO2 NA Arks-Visiphone Wiki 09/30/20 Recommended Added Atlas series, Atlas Ex, Val series. Added Atlas Upgrade Simplified Flowchart (I hope) Updated Weapon Flowchart (NA) Breakdown of the current Rifles (Lumiere not included) Breakdown of the current Launchers (with Atlas) Tips & Tricks Added new video to replace the 2017 Dive Roll video 09/07/20 Recommended Changed Slave series to RAVEN Yes we know 14Star Spread Needle exists; write-up is in the Honorable Mentions. Gearing Up – Units Added 12Star Ofsdhgnfdlsagfsa (Ofzeterious) and other unit series 08/05/20 Mostly added NA names and updated NA skill trees to reflect on current level cap (80). 09/05/20 Weapons Added Ayer/Cras series to tier charts Changed base ATP to 3k Recommended Added 15Star Ayer/Cras write up Gearing Up – Units Added  Cras units. No, we’re not dead yet. Real life obligations has greatly slowed us in making frequent updates, but we’re still here! Rotations video still on the backburner, sorry! 08/01/20 Weapons Updated rifle and launcher tier charts to reflect “Plus” potential on Lightstream weapons. Honorable Mentions & Recommended Replaced artwork on both pages with some new faces.. Added a note on Ceres-Zara weapon series with some viability at the expense of crafting and/or using several situational affixes. Added an update on weapons that received “Plus” potentials but were not reflected in the tables. Gearing Up – Units Added a short analysis on the new Lightstream unit upgrade and another note as we head closer to the end of EP6’s story. What to expect in the future (Late August – October): – Vortex Byde placement and analysis (a bit late aren’t we?) – Updated gear progression for NA as EP4 content releases, though don’t expect much changes. – Maybe something concerning raid boss strategy, which fits under an umbrella of “Ranger’s photon art usage & “rotations” against enemies”. (This likely means overhauling Tips & Tricks to be a more complete and informative strategy section. For now it’s on the backburner due to COVID and personal scheduling.) 07/11/20 Weapons JP Revised SSA names, recommendations and updated weapon compatibility with SSA to match meta and Arks-Layer english patch changes. Gameplay Videos Gameplay videos finally being updated with UH content! (Sorry this took so long) Weapons – Recommended JP Million series analysis posted and including in updated weapon charts. Weapons – Honorable Mentions –  JP Removed Oblisana –  JP Move Zara series to Middle Tier –  JP Move Yasminkov 4000FJ to Middle Tier –  JP Add Corrupted Launcher Tishia under Endgame What to expect in the next months (Late July – September): –  JP & NA More in-depth information on Ranger’s photon art usage & “rotations” against enemies. –  JP  Updated JP gear progression as more UH content releases. –  NA Updated NA gear progression as more content releases. – Maybe another surprise on the front page!? 06/10/2020

For JP Players

Weapons Revised weapon tier lists to reflect new Plus potentials for the Austere and Atlas Ex series. Recommended Moved some Endgame grade weapons to Entry-level & Mid-tier. and changed Atlas Ex potential description. Honorable Mentions Small rearrangements regarding moving some Endgame grade weapons to Entry-level & Mid-tier. Gearing Up – Units Updated descriptions for Austere and Atlas units. – Spin Cycle 06/02/2020 Photon Arts Updated video for Sneak Shooter | Stealth Shot Added a DPS & DPP Chart for all the Rifle & Launcher Photon Arts. Huge thanks to Spin Cycle for compiling these.
05/30/2020 Gearing Up Added 12Star Ray Series to NA Units. Highly suggested to get Ray units, as 12Star units lets you install L skill rings like Precision Blight Rounds (L) and Atomizer Fanatic (L) without needing to swap. Nevermind, you can’t install skill rings yet. SEGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Ray units are still good as standalone pieces. 05/27/2020 NA Recommended Elder Rifle has been dethroned! Nemesis and Slave series are the current best weapons to aim for, and allows you to stand still without losing a massive damage boost! Yay!!! Both series also offers a barrier that grants buffs while it’s up (disappears after 1 hit, refreshes every 30 seconds):
  • Nemesis offers -20% PP reduction & -40% damage taken,
  • Slave offers immunity to knockbacks, +20% auto pp recovery (PP regen while not attacking) & +30% attack PP recovery.
I’d personally go Nemesis Launcher and Slave OR Nemesis Rifle for the following reasons:
  • Launcher is PP consumption heavy and benefits more from Nemesis’ -20% PP reduction, and has a much easier time upkeeping the barrier for full benefits.
  • Rifle has more difficulties with maintaining the barrier, and is prone to being interrupted during bossing content. Thus, Slave’s barrier synergizes with Rifle’s stationary playstyle due to its knockback immunity from the barrier, and offers Rangers better PP upkeep overall. Nemesis’ barrier offers damage reduction and helps you survive much better than Slave’s, so it’s up to you to decide what to use.

You still want both Nemesis and Slave series as it’ll be used as a future recipe for a 15Star weapon

Mars Series offers great bossing damage (+12%, gain +5% more when fighting bosses and mini-bosses), but falls short when it comes to mobbing damage. Gix Series offers very high damage boosts while untouched (+6% base, +20% max), but the slow ramp-up (50 seconds to reach +20%) and the potential itself is highly punishing for newer players (taking damage with the weapon out resets boost to +6%), and thus not recommended. The +35 inherit, however, is very useful as a endgame augment, so I’d buy a high slot Gix (6+ slots) for future investments. Note that Elder Rifle is still cost-efficient for what it does, but newer weapons will power creep the weapon, at least, until crafting system comes out. Updated NA Rifles Breakdown of Rifles with Stationary or Mobile Snipe activated Updated NA Launchers 04/29/2020 Various Changes!
  1. Say hello to “Oil“, (and goodbye to Shooting Drive). With having Weaponoids be “ranger tutors” across the subclass pages, the idea of using my character as one sounded cool! You may see her pop up on other pages later on to add more flavor to the guide.
  2. Added some additional information on Phantom page, updated to reflect current meta (JP). Also added Lisa since we’ve ran out of Weaponoids.
  3. Removed some older units such as Izane & Mask of Vain. (Gearing Up)
  4. Minor changes to Recommended weapons to reflect current meta (JP).
  5. Minor change to skill page concerning traps.
What to expect later on: – Us finally updating Gameplay Videos with some more up to date content, due to new difficulty (Ultra Hard) and other content being powercreeped (and/or) outdated. – SCMSV (Spin Cycle) 04/26/2020 Recommended NA Weapons Added a video on why Elder Rifle is good for PSO2 NA Rangers:
04/08/2020 Photon Arts Added Cosmos Breaker PA overview video.
Weapons Updated Rifle & Launcher chart to include Stil and Puras. Rifle chart Launcher chart 04/04/2020 Recommended Added 12Star Elder Rifle as endgame tier for NA content. Elder Rifle beats out other rifles when Mobile Snipe’s activated (don’t stand still for longer than a second), as it grants +30% damage while moving. Breakdown of Elder Rifle vs Yas7V vs Astral Riser from their weapon potentials alone. Breakdown with Stationary or Mobile Snipe active 04/02/2020 Recommended Added 13Star Cannon Revolucio as endgame tier for NA content. Breakdown between Cannon Revo, Shooting Drive and Sigma Launcher 03/20/2020 Recommended Added general gearing progression for NA content. For Rifles: Level 1-70: 12Star Nox Level 70-75: 13Star Astral Riser or 13Star Yasminokov 7V with the Enchanted Magazine potential via using Weaponoid Boosters. For Launchers: Level 1-70: 12Star Nox Level 70-75: 13Star Shooting Drive, 12Star Sigma Bustad Photon Arts Updated Impact Slider’s PA overview video.
03/17/2020 We’re slowly adding in NA counterparts to existing skills and attacks in blue text, thanks for your patience! Skill Analysis Added NA skill names. Look for the blue text. Introduction Added Ranger Overview.
02/12/2020 Probably very late, but here’s a temporary level 75 cap Ranger builds for most classes for NA content. Skill trees includes the 14 SP from completing the NPC quests from your class trainer. If only 10 SP is available, then there’s an alternate build that plays around with 10 SP (Ranger/Hunter only). 1/28/2020 Updated Class Combinations Added subclass analysis on Etoile. 1/15/2020 Gearing Up Updated some unit analysis due to mobagenerd‘s guide being outdated for several months. Added Equdic and Liberate units. Recommended Added Genon Zabalah and Anacates Fonte analysis. Etoile subclass analysis is coming soon! – SCMSV 1/10/2020 Weapons Added Liberate, Anacates, and Genon weapon(s). Removed some out of date weapons and tweaked the affix values slightly. – SCMSV 12/25/2019

Merry Christmas!

Updated Class Combinations Added 656674029880737812 Etoile subclass summary under Meta. 11/20/2019 Recommended Added 15Star Aplos Orb as a highly recommended rifle. Seriously, this rifle’s strong just for the 5 PP/s regeneration alone. Gearing Up Updated Rifle chart to include 15Star Aplos Orb. Updated Launcher chart include 15Star Combat Cannon. 11/10/2019 Launcher’s Complex PA, “Prominence Assault“, is here! Learn more about it here:
Insight for this month: 15Star Combat Cannon is a stat stick for Prominence Assault; it currently boasts the highest base attack among all Launchers, but has arguably one of the worst potentials for general usage (+10% damage boost, but take +50% more damage. This effect is disabled for the rest of the mission when you die once). In a month, however, 15Star Novel upgrades may turn 15Star Novel Launcher into the next best weapon for Prominence Assault, or the next best Launcher if S5 slot is potent enough to compete against Atlas/Lightstream series. 10/24/2019 Updated Class Combinations Added summary of total ranged modifiers on each subclass. Gearing Up Added S4: Skilled Crippler Added 13Star Novel Set 10/02/2019 Skill Analysis Bullet Keep has been buffed to allow swapping to any weapon without losing bullets! 09/08/2019 Minor updates that should’ve been added weeks ago _(:3/ Gearing Up Added Cleasis Set to Units. Removed Bode Set from Units. Recommended Added 15Star Yasminkov 5000S as a tentative recommended weapon. A video of the weapon in action can be seen here: EDIT: Moved15Star Yasminkov 5000S to Honorable Mentions. 08/21/2019 Short video of Launcher’s animation buffs live:
No formal opinion on Corrupted Launcher Tishia outside of it being a usable 15Star Launcher. Undergoing review for 15Star Yasminkov 5000S. 07/24/2019 Weapons Added 15Star Corrupted Launcher Tishia to Launcher chart Undergoing review for Corrupted Launcher Tishia. In the meantime, have a comparison video: 07/12/2019 Weapons Updated Rifle and Launcher charts for several 15Star and 14Star weapons and removed outdated 13Star weapons. Recommended Added 15StarNovel series weapons under Endgame tier. – Spin Cycle 07/10/2019 Detailed July 10th adjustments shown below:
Recommended Moved 14Star Exium Bunker to Endgame tier due to the Zero Distance buff from July 10th adjustments. Photon Arts Changed some PA ratings to reflect July 10th adjustments: ImpactSlider Impact Slider: 3/5 -> 4/5 CosmosBreaker Cosmos Breaker: 4/5 -> 5/5 FlameBullet Flame Bullet: 3/5 -> 4/5 07/03/2019 Weapons Updated Rifle Chart to include Spread Needle’s potential upgrade from Ultimate Boosters. 6/20/2019 A write up on Phantom as a subclass is now available, courtesy of Spin Cycle. 6/18/2019 Honorable Mentions Added 14Star Blood Series. Weapons Updated the Rifle chart link to include 14Star Blood Series. Updated the Launcher chart link to include latest weapon series. 6/04/2019 Recommended Added 14Star Dim Series to Entry-level/Middle tier. Added 14Star Mirage Series to Endgame tier. Honorable Mentions Added 15Star Oblisana Fuerza14Star Zara Series and 14Star Phobos Series Removed 13Star Orbit Series, 13Star Dia Series and 13Star Mars Series While there’s no gameplay video of Armada of Demise yet, enjoy a clip of a JP Ranger showcasing some strategies for Section 1: 5/20/2019 Weapons & Class Combinations Added 14Star Dim, Mirage and Awake series rifles to the tier chart. Launcher will be updated when Dim Launcher’s attack values are revealed. Added Phantom subclass star ranking with a brief description. – Spin Cycle 5/15/2019 Recommended Added 14Star Awake Larc to Entry/Middle-tier. Tentative rating. Moved 14Star Phobos series back, from Honorable Mentions. 5/04/2019 Skill Analysis Updated Standing Snipe video for Episode 6.
More to come soon™… 4/25/2019 Phantom hype! 4/24/2019 balance adjustments has shifted some ratings on PAs, for better or for worse. Photon Arts Rating adjusted for various PAs Added One Point to Suggested Ranger Photon Arts More to come next week™… 3/27/2019 General Ranger tips on Dark Falz Persona provided by あっとりんご
2/21/2019 Weapons Updated the Rifle chart link to include the new 14Star Exacrimav rifle. Added an analysis on it by Spin Cycle. 1/1/2019 Happy New Years! Gearing Up Added 12Star Mask of Vain, 12Star Lightstream Xion to Units 12/24/2018 Recommended Added 15Star Atlas EX, 15Star Lightstream Xion Moved 14Star Phobos, 13Star.png Invade-NT to Honorable Mentions Honorable Mentions Removed older weapons listed. Added 14Star Exium Bunker No changes to 14Star Vante Weihen after buffs. Updated Class Combinations Added 90 builds for Hunter Hunter, Braver Braver (no changes) and UIClassFiIcon Fighter. UIClassSuIcon Summoner still ongoing.
Ranger doesn’t have newer options with the additional 5 SP from Level 90 cap, but there are a few considerations (with their own pros and cons):
  • [First Hit] is more effective when soloing, and has applications in multi-play/mobbing situations where the additional +20% damage would help one-shot enemies, but effectiveness lies on whether the player can plan in advance.
  • [Weak Hit Blast Bonus] synergizes well in mobbing situations, and especially with weapons that grant PB bonuses such as Ares and/or Austere. But, against raid bosses WHBB isn’t as effective.
  • [x Bullets] can activate PP Save Bullet on Launcher for 20% PP reduction; however procc’ing status with the bullets isn’t useful outside of extremely specific cases, and it may be difficult to activate Standing Snipe often while loaded with Launcher bullets.
-Spin Cycle
12/20/2018 Weapons Updated listing to include newer weapons, such as Atra EX (now Atlas EX) and Lightstream series. -Spin Cycle Link to Rifle chart Link to Launcher chart 90 cap builds, analysis of newer weapons, etc. coming soon 11/22/2018 Moved 14Star Spread Needle and 14Star Vante Weihen from Recommended to Honorable Mentions Spread Needle has been replaced by other 14Star rifles in terms of utility and damage, and the gimmicky spread shot is too weak to be relevant in current Extra Hard content. Vante Weihen‘s potential is detrimental to Rangers; sacrificing Weak Bullet, a party-wide +20% damage marker that lasts for 18 seconds and triggers Ranger’s Weak Hit Advance, for a selfish damage buff that consumes 1 bullet per use and only affects 1 Photon Art? A swap weapon at best. 11/15/2018 Updated Class Combinations: Summoner I’ve finally made the analysis on Ra/Su, it will be updated to show combo sim results at a later date. – Spin Cycle 11/12/2018 Recommended Zara series added to Endgame tier. I highly suggest farming for a rifle as Zara series is incredibly good. 11/09/2018 Weapons Updated Rifle and Launcher weapon damage charts with base ATP set at 2.5k (from 1.5k), as darkmark009 puts it:
There’s no way you’re going to have only 1.5k non-weapon attack, when you have [attack buffs such as] Shifta drink, Shifta, team attack buff, not to mention units+timed abilities, and so on.
11/08/2018 Weapons Updated Rifle and Launcher weapon damage charts with Zara series, courtesy of Spin Cycle. Gearing Up Finally added 12Star Allure Aid to the Units listing. 64px-UIItemAllureAid Tweaked possible unit set-ups for Level 75+ Rangers. Zara series currently under review. 10/25/2018 Added Weaponoid “specialists” throughout the guide. Enjoy the art and flavor text they add with their personalities :3 -Spin Cycle 10/10/2018 Air Reversal / Step Jump / Step JA Combo / J Reversal JA Combo are now part of the skill trees and are strongly recommended to take as they cost no SP to learn. Gearing Up Recommended Removed L/Air Reversal and L/Step Jump from the listing. Added L/Atomizer Lovers. Photon Arts Added tidbit about Type-0/Crafted disks being purchasable through Player Shops. Skill Analysis Recommended Added Air Reversal, Step Jump, and J Reversal JA Combo. 09/16/2018 Skill builds temporarily removed (again) due to issues with the simulator. UPDATE: Skill builds should be working again as of September 20th. 09/15/2018 Skill builds temporarily removed due to issues with the simulator. UPDATE: Skill builds have been readded for all subclasses. 09/10/2018 Weapons, Gearing Up: Units & Photon Arts Revised SSA recommendations with some new additions. More detailed description of the PvP unit selection and added Austere (due to the announced October changes). Updated Photon Art ratings and descriptions, also added a video showing time-to-kill amongst rifle PAs by Ne u found here. Courtesy of Spin Cycle. 09/06/2018 Weapons: Currently AvailableWeapons Added analysis on Ares-NT series, ranked Endgame tier and put into weapon tier lists. Courtesy of Spin Cycle. 09/05/2018 Moved summarized analysis section from Skill Analysis into Hunter 08/29/2018 Skill Analysis Added First Arts JA Addition and Next Jump under recommended skills. Added video overview of Next Jump:
Added video overview of First Arts JA Addition:
Ares-NT still undergoing review. 07/22/2018 Updated Class Combinations Added Summoner subclass skill tree: Ranger/Summoner Updated builds as they were previously missing High Class Boosts, oops! Added text to each subclass pairings. 07/18/2018 Tips & Tricks Added new video under Using Launchers Effectively
06/27/2018 Currently Available Moved 13Star Basilis Series from Unavailable 14Star Shien and Guren Series ranked as Endgame tier; tentative descriptions 13Star Homura Series ranked as Entry-level/Middle tier; tentative descriptions Finalized descriptions as of 06/30/2018 on Homura, Shien and Guren series. 06/22/2018 Soloing Added ne u’s visual guide of solo Endless Quest:
06/19/2018 Gearing Up Added Lesser Shoot VLesser Stamina V, Lesser Spirita V and EV Shoot HP/PP in Affixes section. Weapons Updated Rifle and Launcher tier list for Dia series. Ranked Dia series as Endgame Tier Soloing Added ne u’s full lap run of solo Endless Quest:
06/12/2018 Updated Class Combinations Fighter analysis finally makes its way in! Courtesy of SCMSV (Spin Cycle) who authored it. 06/12/2018 Gearing Up R/Effort Symbol Ra placed under Situational/Niche Added Bode Series under Endgame tier Dia series unranked. 06/07/2018 Currently Available 14Star Lumiere Series added under Endgame tier. Weapons Rifle chart and Launcher chart updated by SCMSV (Spin) 06/06/2018 No, the guide isn’t dead, our writers have been busy with real life, so our apologies to those who’ve been waiting. Currently Available 13Star.png Mars Regalus added under Entry/Middle-tier. Updated some weapon’s availability. Moved 13Star.png Koureki Tsutsu-NT & Ikariboshi Hou-NT to Unavailable. Lumiere series still unranked. 05/26/2018 Skill Analysis Skill builds are finally updated to reflect on 85 cap: Note that the above skill builds are suggestions and should be taken with a grain of salt. Updated builds at 05/27/2018 to include High Level Boost in Hunter sub Shifted skills down to Optional Skills: High Class Boost, PP Save Bullet 05/15/2018 Skill Analysis Added video on Ranger’s EX Trap skill. Expanded skill description on EX Trap.
05/14/2018 Enabled comments section on all pages. 05/11/2018 Hunter Expanded the page by adding important skills from Hunter skill tree. Skill Analysis Fixed some of the skill’s descriptions. 05/10/2018 Updated Class Combinations Separated Hunter and Braver in-depth analysis into their own sub-pages: Hunter and Braver Added a summarized analysis for all subclasses. Template for subclass ratings provided by Nishikawa AKA June. Skill Analysis Added EX Trap and High Class Boost as Core Skills (tentative ranking). Currently Available 13Star.png Evleda series moved from Unavailable to Entry-level/Middle tier due to the Enchanted Forest Exploration. 05/09/2018 Level 85 skill tree builds are still in progress. A preview of Poison Trap’s interaction with Ranger’s new skill, EX Trap, can be found by なはてぃ:
05/06/2018 No update, just a notification. Preparing new skill builds for the upcoming 85 level cap; will be a huge work-in-progress. 05/03/2018 Gearing Up Removed affix slot suggestions as they’re preference and not meant to be followed. Organized possible suggestions for affixes into a rough table. 05/02/2018 Fixing some misinformation with the help of some anonymous readers; I appreciate their insight and their assistance in proofreading the guide. Skill Analysis Appended damage variance to Critical Chance section and elaborated on why it’s relevant. Moved Critical Chance section to In-depth Analysis. Suggested skill priority is undergoing rework for easier leveling for new Rangers. UPDATE: Added a rough skill priority, all credits goes to the anonymous reader for providing one. Added analysis between Flash Guard 2 vs Flash Tech Guard for Automate Ranger skill build. Photon Arts Added a section regarding what Type-0 crafting is. Reworded most PA descriptions to better reflect their ratings given. Gearing Up Cleaned up Affixes section and removed some affixes due to power creep. Added R/HP Restorate as Situational/Niche. Added 12Star Stellar Wall as Middle-tier for Units. Added UIStar7 Weapons Barrier as Entry-level for Units. Tips & Tricks Added a new video under Dive Roll: Dive Roll comparison with Step Jump 04/20/2018 Weapons Added recommended Super Special Abilities to use on Rifle and Launcher, written by SCMSV (Spin) 04/19/2018 Minor update. Weapons Launcher tier list updated by SCMSV (Spin) (now includes Yasminkov 4000FJ). 04/14/2018 Minor update. Weapons – Currently Available Added a write-up for the 14Star Launcher Yasminkov 4000FJ. A demonstration of the launcher in action can be found here: Twitter Launcher Weakness + 14* Launcher shenanigans 04/13/2018 Minor update. Updated Class Combinations Included tidbit regarding Weak Stance & Weak Bullet interaction:
Ranger’s Weak Bullet is very likely to trigger Weak Stance’s damage bonus as it increases surface magnification by 20% (1.2). On any surface with 0.958 modifier or higher, Weak Bullet will trigger Weak Stance.
All credits goes to Dreamslayer Ahri for confirming said interaction. 03/31/2018 Updated Class Combinations Fixed skill calculations in Braver’s Weak Stance Included an additional modifier: 1.10x from Weapon Collection Titles Thank you to GHNeko for bringing it to my attention. 03/25/2018 Weapons Moved available weapons to their own page: Currently Available Weapons Moved unavailable weapons to their own page: Unavailable Weapons Added Invade-NT as endgame tier. 03/23/2018 Weapons Rifle & Launcher tier list updated by SCMSV (Spin) (now includes Invade-NT). No analysis on Invade-NT yet. 03/22/2018 Gameplay Videos Added a run of the new solo Extreme QuestSolo Training: Phanatical Phantoms. Party run coming soon. I’m reworking the weapons page to reduce clutter, such as placing outdated/out-of-rotation weapons into their own page. 03/09/2018 Weapons Launcher Tier List updated to include Stategeo Casrook, courtesy of SCMSV (Spin). 02/22/2018 Weapons Added a Launcher Tier List. Thank you to SCMSV (Spin) for making the chart. 02/20/2018 Skill Analysis Added a PP Saving Mobbing Ranger build focusing on reducing PP consumption for Launcher PAs. It’s basically the main Ranger build, but with Launcher bullets invested. Inspired by PONTHI999’s recent Ranger videos. 02/09/2018 Gameplay Videos Organized the videos into separate pages: Soloing and Group/MPA Added a run of Solo PD, but with terrible gear: Endless Darkness Added a run of The Chocolate Way 2018:  The Chocolate Way 02/02/2018 Weapons Added Koureki Tsutsu-NT as Entry level/Middle-tier for Weapons. Updated Rifle Comparisons tier list (Added Koureki Tsutsu-NT) 01/31/2018 Weapons Motionless Courage (Atra Rifle’s S4 ability) immunity to knock back’s activation effect changed to 1-1.2 seconds. 01/29/2018 Minor updates. Weapons Motionless Courage (Atra Rifle’s S4 ability) immunity to knock back is determined to be 1~ second; has about the same activation time as Standing Snipe. Gearing Up Ray Weapons and Ray Units finally updated to reflect on availability via 2018 Badge Shop. Gameplay Videos Added ぶた‘s run of Dragon Rematch: Dragon Rematch. Some key points about the rematch as Ranger:
  • Homing Emission T-0 & One Point can be more valuable for damage as they don’t require you to stand still, and said PAs tracks the dragon’s weak spots much better.
  • Taking damage in the rematch, without proper units or Techer buffs, sucks. Prioritize avoiding damage more often than dealing due to the 3 deaths limit.
College is eating up free time so I may not update frequently. 01/07/2018 Minor update again. Gameplay Videos Added a improved run of the new EQ: Crimson Castle Crusher 01/05/2018 Minor update. Gearing Up Added Val Series as Entry level/Middle-tier for Weapons. Updated Rifle Comparisons tier list (Added Val Series, adjusted Atra Series) 12/20/2017 Gearing Up Weapons are now a separate section to save space in the Gearing Up section. Bumped Ray/Union Series down to Entry level/Middle-tier. Added Atra Series as Endgame-tier for Weapons. Updated Rifle Comparisons tier list (Added Ray/Union and Atra Series). Gameplay Videos Added a blind run of the new EQ: Crimson Castle Crusher Will update more later; not enough information on the new weapons. 12/10/2017 Gearing Up Adjusted recommended Ranger HP & PP thresholds (now 1k+ HP & 160+ PP). Added Slave-NT Series as Endgame-tier for Weapons. Updated Rifle Comparisons tier list (previous list didn’t consider +200 ATK on weapons). Gameplay Videos Added Youtube channels to look at for better gameplay videos. Check them out! Added more Soloing videos by other players. The Launcher-only run in Gracia Rematch is very impressive! No, the 12/06/2017 buff to Impact Slider’s PA power hasn’t helped much. 12/06/2017 Gearing Up Added Fornis Series as Endgame-tier for Weapons No tentative ranking for Slave-NT Series yet. 11/13/2017 Gearing Up Added Nemesis-NT Series as Endgame-tier for Weapons 11/10/2017 Gearing Up Corrected tier list for Rifle Comparisons due to a flawed assumption, whoops! 11/09/2017 Gearing Up Added a Rifle Comparisons tier list for Weapons 11/08/2017 Gearing Up Added R/Weak Hit PP Gain under Recommended for Skill Rings Added Basilis Series as Entry-level/Middle-tier for Weapons 10/28/2017 Updated Class Combinations Skill value calculations reorganized for easier reading. Average Stance’s skill value interactions added in Updated Class Combinations. 10/23/2017 Gearing Up Added a Table of Contents for easier navigation. 10/15/2017 Added a Gameplay Videos section. 10/09/2017 Gearing Up Added explanation on Elements on weapons. Added a link on basics of affixing.

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