Thank you to everyone who helped me while working on this guide!

  • To co-author SCMSV (Spin) for providing valuable frame data, numbers, breakdowns, and overall being a great guy
  • To It’s A Clock, who wouldn’t stfu about the Ranger guide 
  • To the Phantasy Star Fleet who wouldn’t stop meme’ing about how long the guide has been taking
  • To Dreamslayer Ahri for confirming the interaction between Weak Stance and Weak Bullet
  • To my friends that helped with recording videos
  • To Kiyazasu, his friend, and many others for helping to proof read the guide
  • To Nishikawa for providing images and icons from PSO2 via Arks Visiphone
  • To Selena Artemis/Princess Luna for providing additional insight about Rangers
  • And to yuki for indirectly providing pictures of Firearms!

2 thoughts on “Credits

  1. Thanks for the amazing guide! Hope you do one for each class. If you have guides for other classes already please send link. Your time and efforts are highly appreciated.


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