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Hello, my name is Bio Triner, one of the Ranger specialists. We’ll now review the combination of RaIcon Ranger/Hunter Hunter (or Ra/Hu for short) which provides great overall damage as it provides Rangers a damage boost for shooting non-weak spots through Fury Stance & bonuses. Additionally, Hunter subclass provides survivability through Automate Halfline (automatically consume Monomates, Dimates, then Trimates in that order), or Iron Will (75% chance to survive lethal attacks with 1 HP remaining), and allows Rangers to ignore knock back attacks through Massive Hunter, meaning you can charge attacks without interruption.

Skill Simulator

Summarized Analysis

Credit goes to an anonymous reader for sharing some insight on Flash Guards.

90 cap has introduced some new possibilities for builds, such as taking Flash Guard 1, and/or Flash Guard 2 / Flash Tech Guard together in the Hunter’s skill tree.

Read below to see a quick overview on what these builds offer.

Note: Weak Hit Blast Bonus is completely optional; you can choose to drop it in favor of leveling Dive Roll Advance to evade damage, or Mirage & Jellen Bullet to activate PP Save on Launchers.



  • Automate automatically heals you when HP drops below 50% w/ -mates
  • Very durable due to Flash Guards, especially with Massive Hunter
  • PP Save Bullet allows you to conserve PP when loaded with the appropriate bullets
  • Standing Snipe grants massive damage bonuses, with Moving Snipe providing some damage bonuses for moving
  • Weak Hit Blast Bonus helps to gain Photon Blast much faster
  • Instant kills will kill you (30% chance to live with 1 SP Iron Will)
  • Running out of -mate items results in death 90% of the time
  • PP Save Bullet only works on matching weapon & bullet loaded.
  • Swapping to other weapons not a Launcher or Rifle removes bullets



  • 75% chance to survive lethal attacks with Iron Will
  • Somewhat durable with Flash Guards & Massive Hunter
  • Comes with added bonus to automatically heal with -mates
  • Weak Hit Blast Bonus helps to gain Photon Blast much faster
  • 25% chance to die with LV10 Iron Will
  • Not as tanky; eating more damage = running out of -mates faster

Note: Automate Halfline and Flash Guard 1 & 2, Flash Tech Guard are passives that don’t require Guard Stance active to take full effect.

If you have two skill trees, consider having a separate mobbing tree:

In-depth Analysis

Important Skills

NeverGiveUpIcon Iron Will

Chance to survival lethal attacks at a fixed chance when above 1 HP. Also grants invincibility when activated.

1 SP or max for Iron Will

When maxed, this skill grants a 75% chance to survive attacks with a 5 second duration. 1 SP into Never Give Up does not extend the invincibility duration, so you’ll have to consider maxing it if you want 15 seconds worth of iframes.

AutomateIcon.png Automate Halfline | Auto-Mate Half

When dropping below 50% HP, automatically consume a -mate item to heal.

Must be maxed for best benefits.

As most of Ranger’s attacks leaves them vulnerable to enemies, this skill lets you heal up from attacks thrown at you. Note that you must max this skill for it to be a 100% chance, as level 1 Automate is only a 20% proc chance. Yikes!

MassiveHunterIcon Massive Hunter | Hunter Physique

When activated, ignores every flinch and knockback attacks while reducing damage taken.

This skill is a must max for Rangers.

Most of Ranger’s attacks leave you vulnerable to interruptions; Massive Hunter allows you to deal damage without being interrupted, making this skill a mandatory max.

At max, the duration is 45 seconds with a 45 second cooldown when it expires.

NeverGiveUpIcon Flash Guard 1 & 2 & TechFlashGuardIcon Flash Tech Guard

Reduces Striking & Shooting damage taken by a percentage.
Flash Tech Guard reduces Technique damage taken by a percentage.

Maxing these skills is dependent on your build and gear.

Flash Guard 1 & 2 reduction is +20% each, while Flash Tech Guard is a +30% reduction.

Depending on the skills and units you’ve chose, you can choose to max all Flash Guards, Flash Guard 1 & Flash Tech Guard, or only Flash Guard 1.

FuryStance Fury Stance & Fury Stance Up 1 & 2

Increases Striking & Shooting damage.

These skill are a mandatory max.

Fury Stance is a passive skill that grants damage bonuses at the cost of taking more damage. At max, Fury Stance and the bonuses grants a 1.21275x modifier and the increased damage penalty is removed.

JABonusIcon JA Bonus 1 & 2 | Perfect Attack Bonus 1 & 2

Grants bonuses to Striking & Shooting damage when Just Attacking.

These skill are a mandatory max.

Just Attacks grant a base 1.30x damage modifier and the total bonuses increases this to 1.573x.

FuryStanceUpIcon Fury Combo Boost | Perfect Fury Combo

When Fury Stance is active, grants a stacking damage bonus on each successive Just Attack.

Max this.

Fury Combo Boost’s stack caps at 1.10x; we want to max this skill so Rangers can hit the stack cap in one Just Attack.

FuryStance Fury Stance On-paper

You’ll gain the following damage modifiers of  2.203x (or 220.3%) from Hunter:

Skill Name Effect(s) Total Effect(s)
Fury Stance (Shooting) 1.10x 1.10x
Fury Stance Up 1 & 2 1.05x * 1.05x 1.21275x
Fury Combo Up 1.10x 1.334025x
Just Attack 1.30x 1.7342325x
JA Bonus 1 & 2 1.10x * 1.10x 2.0984213x
High Class Boost 1.05x 2.203342391x

With Ranger’s damage modifiers, 2.65687357x for reference, Ra/Hu has a total of 5.854x (or 585.4%) damage modifiers with Fury Stance on.

A tl;dr of the skill interactions is provided below:

Situations Effects Total Effect
Best Conditions
(Fury Stance + Ranger)
2.203342391x * 2.65687357x 5.85400216x (585.4%)
Moving Snipe on
(Weak point + Sharp Shoot)
2.203342391x * 2.310324844x 5.090436666x (509%)
Non-weak points
(Standing + Sharp Shoot)
2.203342391x * 2.008978125x 4.426466666x (442.6%)
Non-weak points
(Moving + Sharp Shoot)
2.203342391x * 1.7469375x 3.849101449x (384.9%)

Not Just Attacking only applies a 1.10x modifier from Fury Stance, 1.10x from Fury Stance Up 1 & 2, 1.10x from weapon title, and 1.05x (or 1.10x) from High Class Boost(s).

Skill Builds

There are 3 skill builds with Ra/Hu:

  1. Ranger only needs 1 skill tree for best effectiveness in any given situation:
  2. If you have 2 skill trees and want to min-max, consider having one for purely mobbing. Use any of the skill builds from above for the second one:

Note that some skills can be freely changed to fit whatever you need.

Overall, Hunter provides both unconditional damage and survivability skills for Ranger.

4 thoughts on “Hunter

  1. About Hu’s JA bonus 1&2 how does it activate? do i have to stand and do a JA or does it activate if i dive roll shoot? and how long does it last?


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