Launcher PAs


UsagesWhat this PA is usually used for.
DPSDamage per second. The higher the better.
DPPDamage per PP spent, or PP efficiency. The higher the better.
FramesAnimation frames, or how long the attack takes. The lower the better.

1OSrwAN.png Prominence Assail

Launch high into the air, then unload a stream of precise shots onto a single target. Finish with a massively powerful explosion that decimates all nearby foes.

Must be level 60+ to learn Prominence Assail as it’s a Complex Photon Art.

Note: Building stocks to use Prominence Assail is based off damage dealt and not hitcount.

JP wiki entry

DivineLauncher.png Divine Launcher (and Type-0)

Fires a shot capable of mass destruction.
Type-0 allows you to charge the shot for additional range & damage.

Main PA for huge groups; instant burst damage
Charge mechanic lets you pre-emptively strike enemies
DPS825.00 (uncharged), 856.36 (charged)
DPP42.43 (uncharged), 49.34 (charged)
Frames108f (uncharged), 121f (charged)

Divine Launcher is broken due to the large AoE and damage, and Type-0 and the 9/27/2017 adjustments greatly increases both aspects.

ConcentrateOne.png Concentrate One | Triple Shot

Fires 3 consecutive shots.

4/24/2019 adjustments

PP-efficient PA
Cleaning up stragglers
DPS1002.28 (aerial), 858.28 (ground)
Frames149f (aerial), 174f (ground)

This being a PP efficient version of Divine Launcher, the fast shots allow you concentrate damage on a weak spot, or distribute damage to other mobs. It’s range is the highest of any launcher PA, making it useful for long distance snipes.
The small AoE hurts this PA however, so use Divine Launcher T-0 if you need to cover a large area.

ClusterBullet Cluster Bullet | Cluster Shot

Fires a overhead shot that detonates over a small area.

4/24/2019 adjustments

UsagesAoE, lingers for 2.5~ seconds
Situational spawncamping tool
DPS827.88 (aerial), 610.64 (ground)
Frames104f (aerial), 141f (ground)

A nice PA for spawn-camping and landing easy head shots, however Cluster Bullet is awkward to use in some situations, or against certain mobs that don’t have obvious head hitboxes.

CrackerBullet Cracker Bullet | Nova Blast

Fires a shot that explodes numerous times.

4/24/2019 adjustments

Damage is backloaded
Used mainly on fast enemies
DPS1135.80 (aerial), 1061.50 (ground)
Frames100f (aerial), 107f (ground)

Cracker Bullet can stick onto enemies with decent damage, and can travel much further than most PAs thanks to the 4/24/2019 adjustments. The final hit does much more damage than the first 12 and has a good amount of hit stun. Paired with Cosmos Breaker it’s a deadly combination for up close damage.

ZeroDistance.png Zero Distance | Contact Blast

Points your Launcher towards an enemy for a point-blank shot.

Close-range burst

Using this at point blank causes your character to miss the PA so be aware of where you use it. Its strong points being quick damage against grouped mobs, dealing decent damage and also being extremely crafty at hitting enemies with rear weakspots then returning in front of them.

Paired with Cosmos Breaker and/or Cracker Bullet you can stagger enemies and put the barrel of your launcher straight in their face!

07/10/2019 adjustments adds super armor upon activation, making it safer to use.

RodeoDrive.png Rodeo Drive | Rocket Rodeo

Blasts a shot inside your Launcher to move forward. Deals damage on contact.

UsagesSingle-target? AoE?
Travelling??? Just get the crafted version

Uncrafted Rodeo Drive was used for travelling and situational mobbing, but now Type-0 craft upgrades both of these functions.

RodeoDrive.png Rodeo Drive Type-0 | Rocket Rodeo Type-0

When held, allows you to ride your Launcher like a bike. Deals damage on contact.

Traversing around maps, enemies, etc.
DPS1009.00 (1 tick + slam), 1640.25 (7 ticks + slam)
DPP33.63 (1 tick + slam), 101.72 (7 ticks + slam)
Frames60f (1 tick + slam), 160f (7 ticks + slam)

Before the 9/27/2017 adjustmentsRodeo Drive Type-0 was great for travelling; with the new PA buffs, Rodeo Drive T-0 is much better for travelling long distances while dealing damage.

CrazySmash.png Crazy Smash | Wild Wallop

Swings your Launcher like a golf club to smash enemies away.

Filler PA for combo mechanics on certain subclasses

Very rarely you’ll use this unless enemies get too close, however it’s one of the fastest ways to get a Just Attack bonus.

07/10/2019 adjustments adds super armor upon activation, making it safer to use.

FakeSilhouette.png Fake Silhouette | Deceptor Double

Deploys a dummy that attracts enemies to it.

The dummies lasts for 11 seconds and explodes afterwards, but has low aggro so you’ll quickly override their aggro and render them useless. It has some merits by blocking enemy projectiles though.

Outside of some very specific usages, this PA is only used for spawn camping mobs.

UsagesMaking you wonder why this PA is so garbage
Very situational tool for blocking certain projectiles
Attracts Phaleg’s aggro (only once)

FlameBullet.png Flame Bullet | Flame Round

Turns your Launcher into a flamethrower, can be held to deal 13 hits over a 4 second duration.

4/24/2019 adjustments

Close-range mobbing tool
DPS767.60 (quick tap), 1134.18 (full duration)
DPP63.97 (quick), 207.93 (full)
Frames150f (quick), 350f (full)

07/10/2019 adjustments adds super armor upon activation, making Flame Bullet a great PP-efficient option against mobs now. Do note that you are forced to walk while channeling the attack.

Note: This PA does not deal fire damage, despite the animation, and is instead based off your weapon’s element.

CosmosBreaker.png Cosmos Breaker

Fires a slow-moving projectile that detonates shortly after.

Main DPS PA for close-range situations
Controls groups through massive hitstun
DPS503.08 (no cancel), 2087.23 (roll cancel)
Frames390f (no cancel), 94f (roll cancel)

A great PA that serves to stagger enemies, spawn camp mobs, and provide a PP efficient damaging tool. Best used by firing the ball at point-blank, or towards the ground.

07/10/2019 adjustments adds super armor upon activation, making it safer to use.

SphereEraser.png Sphere Eraser | Photonic Laser

When held, fires a laser cannon that pierces through enemies.

UsagesSingle-target, AoE
DPS tool on small/narrow hitboxes
Situational mob clearer when they’re lined up
DPS392.59 (quick tap), 963.81 (8 hits), 1121.25 (13 hits)
DPP37.95 (quick), 46.71 (8 hits), 65.78 (13 hits)
Frames116f (quick), 378f (8 hits), 528f (13 hits)

Used to be called PP Eraser due to its insane PP consumption, 9/27/2017 adjustments has helped with reducing it’s cost, making it more viable for situations.

However a main issue with this PA is that it’s extremely slow to fire up, meaning that enemies will run away from it.

PONTHI999 demonstrates using Sphere Eraser on spawning enemies (at 0:45):