SCMSV – Spin Cycle’s character, drawn by Blackheart612 (Patata-Tan)

Important Skills

Step Roll Advance

Extends invincibility during Step and Dive Roll.

Automatically learned at level 1.

This skill gives you 0.13 additional iframes, equal to having your dive roll at level 4.

Luster Voltage

Luster introduces a new mechanic that hasn’t been seen before with subclasses being Voltage. Voltage accumulates based on hit count and provides several effects upon reaching certain thresholds. It does drop off fairly quickly, taking about 5 seconds to reset to zero.

Voltage itself grants a damage multiplier and damage reduction up to a maximum of 10% and 20% respectively. Your current value is converted by 2% and 4% respectively, so each modifier maxes at 500 Voltage which coincides with another of Luster’s skills, High Voltage.

This one is rather self explanatory, every 100 Voltage you get one tick of Shifta and Deband buffs. This can be extended by the skill Amplified Assist.

High Voltage

High Voltage increases your critical rate by 25%, reduces your skill recast timer by 50%, increases your PP recovery by 150% and cleanses any inflicted status effects while also making you immune to them upon reaching 500 Voltage. There’s a lot within this skill that makes it the core aspect of Ranger / Luster.

While the critical rate is good, the main killer here is the status immunity and skill recast reduction. The status cleanse and immunity means enemies like Sodom, Masquerade or Deus cannot inflict any of the annoying effects like Shock, Freeze, or Panic. With the recast reduction Ranger’s traps and bullet skills are available more often, which opens more room for using weapons like Vante Weihen or juggling bullets for burst moments.

Voltage Reset Heal

Heals HP and PP upon Voltage resetting.

Max this instead of Tech Arts PP High Save.

This skill gives back 20% of your Voltage count as PP and HP every time you Voltage returns to 0. When in High Voltage, it hits the cap of 100% PP and HP recovered. It’s useful for downtimes but also moments where the boss cannot be attacked, like Deus ESCA doing his show-off enrage.

Voltage Heat Up

Increases Voltage gain by +1 when attacking a boss enemy.

Max this.

Doubles everything when attacking a boss, Homing Emission would do +12 instead of a normal +6 to your Voltage count.

Tech Arts JA Multi Bonus

Using different PAs and Techniques in a row increases Voltage gain and critical hit rate.

Max this.

This is the other source of critical hit rate (max 25%) when doing TAJA mechanics and increases Voltage by +1 on the combo’d PA. Along with Heat Up you can +2 your Voltage gain. As good as that sounds this skill isn’t as friendly to Ranger as some other classes due to the TAJA nature.

Common uses would be setting up Standing Snipe for your main DPS like End Attract. Though a more spammable solution that is also used with Ranger / Etoile is Homing Emission -> Impact Slider. Launcher can easily use Crazy Smash as filler as the weapon is prone to activating Moving Snipe with its PAs.

Tech Arts PP High Save

Reduces PP costs when using 3 different PAs or Techniques in a combo. Using 4 reduces PP consumption by a certain percentage.

Invest 5 SP to avoid diminishing returns, and for the All Attack Bonus prerequisite.

This is simply a PP cost reduction skill, reducing costs by 25% at 5SP. The skill description itself is a bit off, as the effect doesn’t require you to use three different PAs in a row, but rather that at least one of the three is different from the rest.

An example would be using Homing Emission twice then using Impact Slider to reduce the PP cost. This also reduces the PP consumption further (-50%) if you use three of the same PA to get the reduction on the fourth.

Amplified Assist

Increases the total duration of Shifta and Deband, while increasing the time granted per each tick.

Max this.

This gives you a 2 minute duration on Shifta / Deband while increasing time granted by 15 seconds at max. Along with gaining buffs every 100 Voltage and (for some) S8: Sky Dance Boon, you’re likely to always maintain your buffs which is great for solo play or group content where you do not have a Techer.

Optional Skills

Killing Restorate

Max this unless you want to take one of the stat increases.

Recovers HP and PP whenever an enemy dies within a certain range (2 dodge rolls). 10% HP and +5PP per enemy, useful but not necessary.

Deband Disorder

While under the effects of Deband, increases the chance to inflict a status effect.

Max or 3 SP for the prerequisite for Shifta Gauge Boost.

Not much to this unless you want to use it for mobbing, getting status damage on some field bosses or stuns on raid bosses like Persona. This also further increases Poison Trap’s proc rate when using this with Poison Trap Custom.

Shifta Gauge Boost

While under the effects of Shifta, increase Gear and Photon Blast gauge gain rates.

Max this if you take it.

Gives you 150% to PB gauge gain rate which helps with Weak Hit Blast Bonus which gives you 170%. Helps more with mobbing than anything.

Complete Rest

Increases natural PP recovery while standing still with your weapon sheathed.

Max this for heavy downtimes, though use cases are a bit limited.

There’s not much use for this skill if you already have a dedicated PP battery or a Genon rifle which are much easier to use and recover PP faster.

hp_up.png HP Up, UISkillPhPPHighUp PP Up, UISkillPhHighLevelBonusPh All Attack Up, def_up.png All Defense Up

These skills assume that your skill tree will only be used as a subclass. Invest in these skills at your own discretion.

Luster Multipliers

Skill NameEffect(s)Total Effect(s)
All Attack Bonus Lu1.5x1.5x
Luster Voltage 1.1x1.65x
High Level Bonus Et1.05x1.7325x
Just Attack1.3x2.25225x

Luster’s total multipliers are 2.252x (225.22%), putting it right between Hunter and Etoile.


High Voltage Maintenance

High Voltage is rather easy to maintain on Ranger with the usage of Poison EX trap being a 60s damage over time that is persistent in almost all cases. Keeping Voltage usually just means applying Poison EX to make sure you keep damaging the boss when you cannot otherwise. An example of this is during Primordial Darkness’s transitions where it’s still vulnerable to Poison EX damage.

Aside from this, it’s important to always build voltage as fast as possible. When doing so you’ll usually have a lower DPS output while building up Voltage as you’ll be trading opportunities to use hard-hitting, low-hit PAs like End Attract and Piercing Shell for lower power, rapid-hit ones like One Point that build Voltage faster. It’s up to the player to make that judgment of what to go for. In a quest such as Extreme Quests for example, most stages don’t exceed 60s in length thus getting to High Voltage may not be as beneficial.

Skill Builds

  • Ranger/Luster
    • General skill build that covers most needs. Ranger skill tree only has essentials filled.