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RaIcon Ranger/ Giant_Phantom Phantom is quirky build with access to faster technique charges and a higher critical rate than all other subclasses. Granted, this build already requires a high base of PP to maximize some of Phantom’s subclass skills, though the effort of building around this subclass can prove to be in vain.

Important Skills

Step Roll Advance

Extends invincibility during Step and Dive Roll. Automatically learned at level 1. This skill gives you 0.13 additional iframes, equal to having your dive roll at level 4.

UISkillPhAllAttackBonusPh All ATK Bonus PH

Grants you with 130% damage multiplier for ranged attacks, which is the lowest of the four (including pets). This does hurt the overall damage Ra/Ph does, not to mention ranged classes in general. Regardless this is a large chunk of where Phantom’s subclass multipliers comes from and it’s unconditional. Max this (and don’t worry about missing Just Attacks!)

UISkillPhPhotonStream Photon Stream

Gives up to a 110% damage multiplier based on your maximum PP. At max (5 SP), it requires 200PP to reach the maximum. Max this to lower the maximum required PP.

UISkillPhPhantomPPRestorate Phantom PP Restorate

Gives a 130% bonus to both natural and active PP recovery rates. Good quality of life skill to help Ranger with PP upkeep, max this.

UISkillPhTechShortCharge Tech Short Charge

This reduces the PP consumption by 30%, charge time by 50% and power by 30%. This does not effect Shifta, Deband, Resta or Zanverse or other support techniques meaning Ranger can still take advantage of buffs and pump out Zanverse at a faster rate than normal tech subclasses. Very useful for stacking additional damage, healing and buffs. Max this skill.

UISkillPhSprintTechCharge Sprint Tech Charge

Increases your movement speed when charging techniques. Only costs 1 Skill Point, and you can freely move around to reposition when charging to make play more mobile.

UISkillPhCriticalStream Critical Stream

Increases your critical rate up to a maximum of 60% at 300PP. Also increases your critical damage up to 105%. More realistically the critical gain is around 40~45% with a pool of 200~220PP. The critical power maxes at 167PP when at max SP (5 SP). Critical power is a big source of damage on Ra/Ph, max this skill and make sure you have ample PP.

UISkillPhHighLevelBonusPh High Level Bonus Ph

Boosts damage by 105% unconditionally. Max this, simple enough.

Optional Skills

UISkillPhPPHighUp PP High Up

Increases your PP by a maximum of 20PP. Max this to increase your PP. You’ll gain the following damage modifiers from Phantom:

 Phantom Multipliers

Skill Name Effect(s) Total Effect(s)
All ATK PH 1.3x 1.3x
Photon Stream 1.1x 1.43x
Critical Stream 1.05x – Critical Hits Only 1.5015x
High Level Bonus PH 1.05x 1.576575x
Just Attack 1.3x 2.0495475x
W/O Critical Stream N/A 1.95195x
Phantom’s total multipliers for are 2.0495475x (204.95%) with Critical Strike or 1.95195 (195.19%) without Critical Strike.


Critical Power’s Potential

Ranger / Phantom generally gains most of its damage and merit from having a substantially higher critical rate, critical power and access to Zanverse. Though the latter is shared with Summoner, the charge rate is reduced significantly. With use of R/C.Strike Ranged, you gain an additional 20% critical rate and a multiplicative 103% critical power. With use of SSAs on your weapons, you can stack a very high overall critical power multiplier. It’s fairly important to have over 200PP to maximize your critical rate, being from around 65% at 200PP to 75% at 250PP including the ring.

Using Techniques in Combat

With Tech Short Charge and Sprint Tech Charge, maintaining buffs mid-combat is easier and opens new opportunities.  Zanverse does not take on the damage reduction penalty but gains the other benefits, enabling you to capitalize on a great burst option more frequently. Using EX-Poison as a DPS tool that is effective with Zanverse can help Ra/Ph immensely compared to the other popular subclasses (Hunter & Etoile) which are already at an disadvantage due to having less damage modifiers that effect traps.

How Does it Sum Up?

Overall Ranger / Phantom gives higher PP regen, faster techniques, and critical power. Though when you compare to other subclasses, the damage is still slightly weaker than Hunter’s output and completely behind Etoile and Summoner when comparing everything in an ideal scenario. The pluses of Phantom sub only really get it to a middle ground between Hunter and Etoile though only at the expense of using Zanverse in your rotations. Due to the unconditional nature of the damage multipliers, it is a bit easier to maximize your damage without having to worry about facing the enemy correctly or consistent Just Attacks. The latter being an issue for JA-based conditionals from Hunter and Etoile skill trees. In short, the class is perfectly usable and can be seen as a slightly weaker Hunter subclass most of the time with less conditional factors and access to techniques to help boost its damage output a bit over its competing subclasses.

Skill Builds

There are 2 skill builds with Ranger / Phantom: RAPH – General
  • All around build that works in a variety of situations.
RAPH – Mobbing
  • Build focusing on Photon Blast gauge gain to further use Julius Nifta for mobbing suction.
Note that some skills can be freely changed to fit whatever you need. Extra SP can go into one of the optional skills.