Photon Arts

Sandbag Rotations?

Ranger doesn’t have “rotations”, as all their PAs are situational and depends on what you’re fighting.

For example, EndAttract End Attract | Positron Blast destroys any bosses with multiple hitboxes like Dark Falz Elder, but does absolutely horrid damage against smaller enemies, which is where single target PAs like ImpactSlider Impact Slider shines better. For the most part, experiment! Some PAs work better in the right situations, but you need to recognize where and when those scenarios occur.

A general rule of thumb:

  1.  EndAttract End Attract | Positron Blast
    • Destroys any boss if you can get it to tick 3+ times on weakpoints.
    • Moderate PP consumption
  2. PiercingShell Piercing Shell | Piercing Round
    • The projectile can hit twice, aerial usage being 45 frames(!) while granting stationary buffs after the 2nd cast, makes Piercing Round great DPS (when landing 2 ticks) at the cost of your PP.
      If you can’t land 2x tick on weakpoints just use Impact Slider instead.
    • Very High PP consumption
  3. ImpactSlider Impact Slider
    • Fast activation, quick damage and iframes makes this your safest DPS PA to spam in most cases.
    • High PP consumption
  4. OnePoint One Point | Steady Shot
    • PP-efficient sustain option, but the long animation severely holds it back from being a top DPS option (read: you’re crazy if you think this PA beats any of the above for sandbag DPS).
    • Low PP consumption
  5. SatelliteCannon.png Satellite Cannon
    • Boasts the highest damage per PP spent when fully charged, but has the longest frames among most options. Great as a pre-fire option however.
    • Low PP consumption

Sandbag DPS comparison for some PAs (Positron Blast, Satellite Cannon not included)

Suggested Ranger Photon Arts

Note that these are only suggestions, you are encouraged to try out all the Ranger Photon Arts (PAs).

What is Type-0?

Type-0 refers to crafting PA disks accessible through the My Room terminal, which can be done at any level:

They are also purchasable through the Player Shops, through the Visiphone:

Photon Arts DPS/DPP Chart

For a detailed numbers breakdown on Photon Arts, here’s a chart courtesy of Spin Cycle and acep.

For Assault Rifles:

EndAttract End Attract | Positron Blast

Your main boss killer, used to burst down bosses as it hits numerous times. Has 2 charge levels. Needs 3+ ticks to land for it to beat most options.

ParallelSlider Parallel Slider Type-0 | Slideburst Type-0

Used for avoiding attacks (the start-up has invincibility frames), and kiting/chasing fast moving targets.

The base version of Parallel Slider/Slideburst is terrible. Don’t use the base version.

ImpactSlider Impact Slider

A gap-closer that’s highly spammable and deals surprisingly good damage; the ending kick should be canceled immediately as it deals pitiful damage.

PiercingShell Piercing Shell | Piercing Round

Fast filler DPS on stationary targets when you’re 2+ dive rolls away; must be used in the air for best effect.

For Launchers:

DivineLauncher.png Divine Launcher Type-0

Your main AoE PA, demolishes anything caught within its huge blast radius.

RodeoDrive.png Rodeo Drive Type-0 | Rocket Rodeo Type-0

Primarily used to travel long distances.

CosmosBreaker.png Cosmos Breaker

Used to keep dangerous targets hit-stunned; highly spammable at close range and aimed at the ground.

SphereEraser.png Sphere Eraser | Photonic Laser

Clears lines of enemies, mostly used as a last resort on bosses.

ConcentrateOne.png Concentrate One | Triple Shot

A PP-efficient PA used to kill remaining mobs, or hitting precise weak spots.

All of these PAs can be purchased through the Player Shops (purple terminal). Some of these PAs are purchasable through the Photon Shop on the 2nd floor of the Shopping District.

Gearing up for those wanting to skip the PA section.

Sample Photon Arts Set-up

For reference, this is what I use on my weapon palettes:


Rifle 1: Satellite Cannon, Parallel Slider T-0 (Slideburst Type-0), Piercing Shell (Piercing Round), End Attract (Positron Blast), Impact Slider

Rifle 2: Homing Emission Type-0 (Homing Volley Type-0), same as Rifle 1

Launcher: Divine Launcher Type-0, Rodeo Drive Type-0 (Rocket Rodeo Type-0), Zero Distance (Contact Blast), Cosmos Breaker, Crazy Smash (Wild Wallop)

Assault Rifle PAs

Launcher PAs

Gearing up

13 thoughts on “Photon Arts

  1. Picking up Ranger in NA. Could you provide a video at some point of proper Cosmos Breaker usage? I high-key can never use this P.A. well.


    • I’d suggest replacing Homing Valley and Slideburst with different PAs just because their base variants are complete trash.

      Everything else yes, use their base variants for now.


  2. Playing on NA, currently, I’m using your sample weapon palette one exchanging parallel with sneak. However, I am still using a second weapon palette replacing satellite with one point and I find my self using this much more than my first palette. I want to get better on Ranger and was wondering if having an over-reliance on one point is hurting me?


    • Maybe. One Point isn’t a bad PA, but there’s always better PAs to use in a given situation. For example, using One Point on someone as big as Elder would be questionable, since you can use End Attract/Positron Blast his arms for easy 5x ticks.

      For fast, aggressive enemies it’s a case-by-case basis. One Point is reliable damage, but most of the time Impact Slider does the same job but faster.


  3. Is Flame Round worth using? I don’t really know how the damage formula works yet, but seeing as it has over 6k potency is kind of amazing

    I was also wondering, are PAs like Cosmos Breaker (170k+) and Satellite Cannon (300k+) worth buying at those prices? I don’t know what counts as “Expensive” but all the other PAs were relatively cheap compared to those ones


    • The full duration of Flame Rounds has the highest damage per PP spent among all Launcher PAs… but it takes 4 seconds for all 13 hits of Flame Bullet to land, and most enemies don’t sit around that long in higher difficulties. It’s also risky to use since you have to channel it at close-range, and most enemies will attack you while doing so. Personally, I don’t think its worth using, since you can use Cosmos Breaker to hit-stun enemies and loop the explosion into itself, but you’ll have to try both to see what you like.

      I wouldn’t buy those PAs, since they can be easily farmed in Advance Quest City & Sub. Tunnels on Super Hard.


      • I ended up buying them because I saw someone on the discord ranger channel say it’s better to have PAs than not… OOP
        I found out you can get player shop tickets from the fun scratch so I can make the money back anyway. Thanks for replying!


  4. Where does Slideburst drop on NA servers?
    It would be a good guide to drop the ranger’s APs, as not even on the Arks-visiphone wiki.


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