Tips & Tricks


Dive Roll Tips

Dive Roll Comparison with Step Jump

Other tips for Dive Roll

  • You can use any lobby action for the double dive roll. For example,
    say that you’re moving forward via pressing W, you do a Roll -> ALT + W (to perform a lobby action) -> Roll. The important thing is performing an action to cancel the first roll, so you can roll again.
  • You can jump instead of using a lobby action if you have high ping.

PP Management and You

Other tips for PP Management

  • Without Dive Roll Shoot & Keep Roll Shoot it will be very difficult to recover PP using Rifles. You can restore up to 20 PP with Dive Roll Shoot, and Keep Roll Shoot allows you to keep Weak Bullet (WB) without firing it.
  • Launcher normal attacks have been buffed to restore 10 PP per hit, so splashing it on enemies means you can restore over 40+ PP!

Using Launchers Effectively

Using Weak Bullet Effectively

  • If you see another Ranger in the MPA, don’t overwrite their Weak Bullet unless you know it’s in a terrible position. You’ll end up wasting each other’s Weak Bullet if both of you try to replace each other’s bullet.
  • With 6 shots, Weak Bullet’s effective duration is longer than the cooldown. If you’re running PP Bullet Save, consider reloading early if you’re down to 1 bullet left.

Using Massive Hunter Effectively

  • If you’re not sure when to use Massive Hunter, use it when you’re expecting heavy amounts of damage or when there’s too much going on. Better to use Massive Hunter than to not use it at all.
  • Massive Hunter can be used to ignore the staggering effect while shocked.

6 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks

    • In NA I think they’re called Emotes.
      It’s just an action that you can do in the lobby (you can actually do them anywhere, but it’s more for the social aspect of the game).


  1. I’ve just been coasting but now decided I want to “Git Gud.” This is a nice way layed out guide and I look forward to implementing your suggestions.

    Now I just got practice and practice till it becomes second nature.


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