Updated Class Combinations

9/27/2017 adjustments has made huge changes to skill values for every class.
If you’re curious about old skill values, click here

There are currently 7 in-depth analysis on subclasses for Ranger: Hunter, Braver, Fighter, Summoner, Phantom, Etoile and Luster.

Disclaimer: On-paper calculations may be wrong, take with a grain of salt.

For NA Players

Level 100 cap is here! NA matches JP’s skill builds so you should look at Updated Class Combinations for write-ups and their sample skill builds.
If you want a build reference for 100 cap, here’s an idea.

Consider checking out the JP -> NA Translations wiki to see what’s been changed between the two versions.

Summarized Analysis

Subclass Pairings

Huge credit goes to Nishikawa AKA June for lending his template for subclass ratings.

Below shown are a rough evaluation of subclass pairings, rated by the following:

DifficultyEase of use in terms of maximizing damage, bluestar being easiest, rainbowstar being hardest.
DamageOverall damage output, from lowest (bluestar) to highest (rainbowstar).
SurvivabilityBeing able to survive attacks, or providing self-healing abilities, from worst (bluestar) to best (rainbowstar).

In a nutshell, here’s how each subclass (and their ranged damage % modifier) ranks among each other:


  • Hunter HunterFury Stance = 161.4%
  • 656674029880737812.png Etoile – 149.5% (+ Tech Arts Count Bonus = 171.9%)
  • UIClassSuIcon Summoner – 132.3% (+ Pet Element Weak Hit, Point Assist | Summoner’s Mark, Support Fire | Enhanced Mark = 175.7%)


  • Luster165% (All Attack Bonus Lu + Luster Voltage)
  • UIClassFiIcon FighterBrave Stance | Valiant Stance = 154% (+ Tech Arts JA Bonus = 177.1%) | Wise Stance = 175.5% (+ Tech Arts JA Bonus = 201.8%)
  • Braver BraverAverage Stance | Basic Stance = 126.5% (+ Average S | Basic S Charge = 139.2%) | Weak Stance | Precision Stance = 148.5% (+ Weak S | Precision S Charge = 163.4%)
  • UIClassBoIcon Bouncer – Elemental Stance = 132% (+ Shifta AA Boost = 138.6%) | Break Stance 148.5% (+ Shifta AA Boost = 155.9%)
  • Giant_Phantom Phantom – 143% (All Attack Bonus Ph + 200 PP Photon Stream)


  • UIClassGuIcon Gunner – 145.2% (Close range & above 75% HP only)
  • UIClassTeIcon Techer – 120% (Element Weak Hit)
  • UIClassFoIcon Force – No modifiers

DISCLAIMER: Some subclass pairings are not viable for Ranger. These evaluations give a general idea of what works and what doesn’t.

RaIcon Ranger / Hunter Hunter


Fury Stance (110%), Fury S Up 1 (105%), Fury S Up 2 (105%), Fury Combo Up (110%), JA Bonus 1 (110%), JA Bonus 2 (110%)

Total = 161.4% ranged modifier

With access to high unconditional modifiers, survivability options such as Automate Halfline (automatically consume a healing item when below 50% HP), and Massive Hunter for uninterrupted DPS opportunities, Hunter subclass is a solid option for new Rangers.

Solid subclass option for all content.


These builds aim to fit both bossing and mobbing situations while providing passives that makes you durable against most attacks.


This build aims to focus purely on mobbing situations by improving Launcher’s bursting potential, while providing ways to upkeep PP.

RaIcon Ranger / 656674029880737812.png Etoile


All Attack Bonus ET (130%) + Etoile JA Bonus (115%)

Total = 149.5% (+ Tech Arts Count Bonus (115%) = 171.9%)

A potent alternative to Hunter subclass; Etoile subclass is quickly rising as a great subclass for Ranger, and for good reasons:

  1. Same Arts greatly benefits Rifle and Launcher PAs, as most are highly spammable but PP-draining PAs.
  2. Tech Arts Count Bonus (TACB) is incredibly lenient and easy to manage, and greatly synergizes with Ranger’s playstyle and Standing Snipe interaction
  3. 70% damage reduction from Damage Balancer makes Ranger durable enough to take 1 or 2 big hits
  4. Standing Massive allows for uninterrupted DPS opportunities any time

Damage Balancer however reduces all external healing sources by 100% outside of consumables, leaving you vulnerable to attacks or lose DPS while healing. Additionally, Etoile subclass requires Rangers to play more methodical due to TACB and Damage Balancer, especially in higher difficulties, which can be overwhelming for newcomers.

Very strong successor to Hunter subclass that performs well in most content.

RaIcon Ranger / UIClassSuIcon Summoner


All Attack Bonus 1 (115%), All Attack Bonus 2 (115%)

Total = 132.3% (+ Pet Element Weak Hit (105%), Point Assist (115%), Support Fire (110%) = 175.7%) ranged modifier.

Summoner subclass is almost identical to Hunter; high unconditional damage boosts and a passive that grants +200 to all defenses for bulkiness. However, Summoner also offers passive HP regeneration, healing techs, and Nabarta T-0 which lets you block attacks on command. Additionally with Shifta, Zanverse (field that grants +20% damage while inside of it) and Point Assist, Summoner offers higher potent boosts for Ranger that could replace Hunter subclass, if not for the heavy micromanaging involved when handling your PP, buffs and damage.

Warning: Not a beginner friendly class.

Strong bossing subclass, but weak in mobbing content.

RaIcon Ranger /  Luster


All Attack Bonus Lu (150%), Luster Voltage (110%)

Total = 165%

The jack-of-all-trades subclass. The defining trait to Luster sub is its Voltage mechanic; racking up stacks allows for great benefits like immunity to status effects, auto-Shifta & Deband, and passive damage reduction, while boasting a respectable damage boost for both Ranger weapons and Gunslash | Gunblade! The added mechanic does require some micromanagement, as you don’t gain any bonuses if you cannot build Voltage at all.

Warning: Not a beginner friendly class.

A solid contender to Hunter and Etoile that loses out in some situations.

  • Ranger/Luster
    • General skill build that covers most needs. Ranger skill tree only has essentials filled.

RaIcon Ranger / UIClassFiIcon Fighter


Brave Stance (140%), Brave S Up (110%)

Wise Stance (135%), Wise Stance Up (130%)

Total = Brave Stance: 154% (+ Tech Arts JA Bonus (115%) = 177.1%)
Wise Stance: 175.5% (+ Tech Arts JA Bonus (115%) = 201.8%)

The glass-cannon specialist. Correctly maintaining all of Fighter’s conditionals grants you huge damage boosts; a 177.1% modifier when facing the enemy’s front or 201.8% when facing the enemy’s back, while providing significantly reduced PP consumption to upkeep DPS. With no safety nets however, making a mistake may result in your death.

Warning: Not a beginner friendly class.

Heavily conditional, mainly used in content where you can abuse Wise Stance.

RaIcon Ranger / Braver Braver


Average Stance (115%), Average S Up (110%)

Weak Stance (135%), Weak S Up (110%)

Total = Average Stance: 126.5% (+ Average S Charge (110%) = 139.2%) ranged modifier.
Weak Stance: 148.5% (+ Weak S Charge (110%) = 163.4%) ranged modifier.

Weak Stance and Average Stance works well with Ranger; Weak Stance synergizes with Ranger’s main focus on hitting weakpoints, and Average Stance serves as a fallback against enemies with no weakpoints. However, Weak Stance is only slightly stronger than Fury Stance with stricter conditions, Average Stance is weaker than Fury Stance and the lack of solid survivability tools puts Braver subclass behind Hunter subclass.

Usable but not meta.

RaIcon Ranger / UIClassBoIcon Bouncer


Elemental Stance (120%), Elemental Stance Up (110%)

Break Stance (135%), Break Stance Up (110%) 

Total = Elemental Stance: 132% (+ Shifta Air Attack Boost (105%) = 138.6%) ranged modifier.
Break Stance: 148.5% (+ Shifta Air Attack Boost (105%) = 155.9%) ranged modifier.

Decent benefits and access to healing techs could make Bouncer subclass an appealing choice; Elemental Stance provides a general damage boost provided you match element weaknesses, with Break Stance providing huge damage modifiers on only breakable weak spots such as Magatsu’s face. Additionally, Deband PP Restorate and Elemental PP Restorate would allow you to regenerate PP fast without relying on Tactics Trap, but losing out on survivability options like Massive Hunter from Hunter sub, while losing to Summoner as it provides similar benefits unconditionally makes Bouncer subclass a niche pick.

Usable but not meta.

RaIcon Ranger / Giant_PhantomPhantom


All Attack Bonus Ph (130%), Photon Stream (110% at 200 PP)

Total = 143% ranged modifier.

Phantom sub opens up a lot of opportunities for a new tech usable subclass and is the only subclass to give Ranger more usage out of critical builds. Having two of its multipliers tied to base PP pool does require around 200+ to be able to perform optimally. Being a tech sub, it has access to buffs, Zanverse, heals and defensive options like Nabarta-0 to help with damage and survivability.

Usable but not meta.

RaIcon Ranger / UIClassGuIcon Gunner


Zero Range Advance 1 (110%), Zero Range Advance 2 (110%), Perfect Keeper (120%)

Total = 145.2% ranged modifier.

Ranger’s Sharp Shooter and Gunner’s Zero Range Advance conflict with each other, with Zero Range Advance being difficult to make full use of with Ranger’s weapons. Most importantly however is that Chain Trigger, a huge bursting tool, is nerfed when subclassing Gunner as most of the damage comes from Chain Finish. Combined with non-existent survivability skills, Gunner is not an ideal choice as a subclass.

Avoid this class combination at all costs.

RaIcon Ranger / UIClassFoIcon Force OR UIClassTeIcon Techer


Force has no ranged modifiers.

Total = 120% (Element Weak Hit from Techer)

Most of Ranger’s damage modifiers only affect shooting damage, and Force’s | Techer’s sub, despite allowing you to heal through techniques like Resta, only offers significant modifiers to technique damage; thus the two do nothing to complement each other.

On the other hand, Techer / Ranger is a great supportive combination due to their improved Shifta and Deband buffs, Zanverse, healing techs, and Weak Bullet, but this guide does not cover Techer main class and possible choices.

Avoid this class combination at all costs.

Read on to Photon Arts to find out which ones to use.

In-depth Analysis

RaIcon Ranger On-paper

Skill NameEffect(s)Total Effect(s)
Rare Mastery Bonus1.10x1.10x
Weapon Title Bonus1.10x1.21x
High Class Boost1.05x1.2705x
Sharp Shooter1.10x1.39755x
Weak Hit Advance 1&21.15x * 1.15x1.848259875x
Standing Snipe 1&21.25x * 1.15x2.65687357x
Moving Snipe1.25x2.310324844x

There is an additional 10% bonus from using your main class weapon, which is a title reward from collecting weapons.

Photon Arts

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