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Finally made it to me, eh? Slave Cannon is the name, the strongest of the Ranger specialists! Come to the right place to learn about one of the hardest and more powerful combinations.  RaIcon Ranger/UIClassFiIcon Fighter (or Ra/Fi for short) is the glass cannon out of all of Ra/x combinations. Given high damage boosts with its stances and Tech Arts JA Bonus, it can easily outperform other subclasses but with higher risk involved. Factor in high attack up values like PP Slayer and the -line Slayers and the damage is increased moreso. The downside of course, is how fragile you are.

Important Skills

BraveStanceIcon Brave Stance & BraveStanceUpIcon Brave S Up | Valiant Stance & Valiant S Up

The most used stance giving good multipliers when attacking from the front. Note that Brave S Up doesn’t apply when attacking from the back, meaning you’ll lose out on the extra 10% damage. It has only a 1.35x or 135% modifier when OFF stance, or attacking from behind.

Max both of these.

WiseStanceIcon Wise Stance & WiseStanceUpIcon Wise S Up

Situational albeit a strong active stance, producing more damage when attacking from the back. Similar to it’s counterpart, Wise S Up doesn’t apply when attacking from the front and it has 5% less “OFF” stance damage than Brave Stance (130% compared to 135%).

Max both of these.

TechArtsJABonusIcon Tech Arts JA Bonus & TechArtsJAPPSave Tech Arts JA PP Save

A staple in how Fi sub provides damage and conserves PP at the same time is TAJA. With 115% from Just Attacking different PAs or technics, which also gives 15% PP cost reduction (due to Rifle / Launcher not being Fi weapons). The good thing here is how TAJA combos are not broken by normals, thus it’s possible to activate Standing Snipe and TAJA with launcher normals, making RA/FI’s mobbing game much stronger.

Max both of these. 

DeadlineSlayerIcon Deadline & Halfline Slayer

The -line Slayers activate at 25% and 50% HP respectively, giving a total of 250ATK (150 and 100 each). The extra attack helps but given Ranger’s nature during bossing, it can be difficult to sustain these conditions. In a sense, it seems like you are playing with a Gix (i.e do not get hit to keep the damage). It’s more sustainable during mobbing as you’ll usually nuke things before they nuke you. Investing 10SP in Hafline Slayer and only 3SP in Deadline (to get PP Slayer) is a conservative approach but still gives 100ATK with less risk.

Max Halfline at least, 3SP in Deadline at minimum or max it as well.

PPSlayerIcon PP Slayer | Photon Slayer

200ATK when PP is under 50%. Insanely easy to maintain with given the numerous ways to regen PP after your rotations and is essentially a near-perma 200ATK.

Max this.

ChaseAdvanceIcon Chase Advance & Chase Advance Plus | Chaser Damage & Extra Chaser Damage

Mainly for mobbing builds that utilize launcher special bullets (except Jellen) to gain an extra 15% damage from Chase Advance Plus, as Chase Advance doesn’t work with ranged attacks. Stun Grenade also causes status but given there are other people in a MPA, mobs are usually hit out of stun before you can charge / TAJA Divine Launcher Type 0.

3SP in Chase Advance and max Chase Advance Plus if you want it for mobbing.

HalflineBoostIcon Halfline Boost

Boosts the chance to inflict status when HP is under 50% by 200%.

Max if you take Chase Advance Plus.

CrazyHeartIcon Crazy Heart

Increases natural and attack PP recovery by 200% when under a status abnormality. Helpful and not bad to invest into as it help with PP consumption.

Max if you take nothing else.

AdrenalineIcon Adrenaline

Increases the duration of Shifta and Deband invoked on yourself by 30s.

Not terrible and gives some extra defense and attack boosts and only 1SP.

Optional Skills

UISkillSuAllATKUp High Level Boost (Fi)

Unconditional 5% damage. Never bad to take and gives you more powercreep!

Max if you take nothing else.

Hpupskillicon HP UP 1 & 2

Gives a total of 100HP, which can help for bossing but the SP can be invested elsewhere if you have separate trees for mobbing or feel you don’t need the HP.

Not bad to have, take if you feel you need it.

WiseStanceIcon Brave | Valiant and WiseStanceUpIcon Wise Critical

25% critical rate each but only one is active at a time. Pretty much a last priority skill to take since you can’t create a high crit rate and the damage increase is marginal at best.

Last resort really.

You’ll gain the following damage modifiers from Fighter:

 BraveStanceIcon Brave Stance | Valiant Stance

Skill Name Effect(s) Total Effect(s)
Brave Stance + Brave S Up 1.54x 1.54x
TAJA Bonus 1.15x 1.771x
Just Attack 1.3x 2.3023x
Chase Advance Plus 1.15x 2.647645x
Chase Adv Plus + High Class Boost 1.2075x 2.78002725x
High Class Boost 1.05x 2.417415x

Fi sub’s total multipliers for Brave Stance is 2.417415x (241.74%) or 2.78002725x (278%) with Chase Advance Plus. Compared to Hu sub at 2.203342391x (220.33%), there is approximately a 21.% increase in raw multipliers or 57% if Chase Advance Plus is active.

Skill Name Effect(s) Total Effect(s)
Brave Stance OFF 1.35x 1.35x
TAJA Bonus 1.15x 1.5525x
Just Attack 1.3x 2.01825x
Chase Advance Plus 1.15x 2.3209875x
Chase Adv Plus + High Class Boost 1.2075x 2.437036875x
High Class Bonus 1.05x 2.1191625x

WiseStanceIcon Wise Stance

Skill Name Effects Total Effect
Wise Stance 1.35x 1.35x
Wise S Up 1.3x 1.755x
TAJA Bonus 1.15x 2.01825x
Just Attack 1.3x 2.623725x
Chase Advance Plus 1.15x 3.017283x
Chase Adv Plus + High Class Boost 1.2075x 3.168147x
High Class Boost 1.05x 2.75491125x

For Wise Stance, the total damage modifiers are 2.75491125x (275.49%) or 3.168147x (316.81%) with CAP. Compared to Hu sub at 2.203342391x (220.33%), there is approximately a 55% increase in raw modifiers or 96% with CAP.

Skill Name Effects Total Effect
Wise Stance OFF 1.3x 1.3x
TAJA Bonus 1.15x 1.495x
Just Attack 1.3x 1.9435x
Chase Advance Plus 1.15x 2.235025x
Chase Adv Plus + High Class Boost 1.2075x 2.34667625x
High Class Boost 1.05x 2.040675x

Skill Builds

There are 3 skill builds with Ra/Fi:

Ranger only needs 1 skill tree for best effectiveness in any given situation:
 RAFI – General / Bossing

  • All around build that works in a variety of situations.

If you have multiple skill trees and want to min-max, or make specialized builds:

RAFI – Min-Max (RATK UP)

  • Sacrifices PP Save Bullet, focuses on getting as much +RATK as possible.

RAFI – Chase Adv Plus 

  • Utilizes Halfline Boost with a mixture of traps and launcher bullet juggling to manage PP Save and proccing status effects on enemies.

Note that some skills can be freely changed to fit whatever you need. Extra SP can go into one of the optional skills.

Why does x skill tree have (and/or) not have _?

Looking at the skill trees you may wonder why things like Dive Roll Advance not having any SP invested, or not running Upper Trap. If not those, then maybe the PP Save Bullet skill.

Ranger can make up for these through other means. PP recovery is generally quite good in spurts of Dive Roll Shoot and Stun Grenades, not to mention the benefit of the PP cost reduction from TAJPPS to help slow down how fast you dump your bar.

Poison having less overall regen than Upper comes at the price of providing damage over time (DoT), potentially poisioning enemies and exclusive interactions with bosses such as Omega Falz [Loser] makes it a more valuable choice, but keep in mind that this is subjective, you are welcome to take out points elsewhere. 

Lastly with addition of RATK UP 1 & 2, it’s a +85 RATK difference from a standard tree. When factoring boosts like Shifta, mag device, units, etc the difference can be something like this:

While noticeable, please consider what you lose!

Overall the decision is yours, these trees are simply a guideline.