What is a Ranger?

RaIcon Rangers are the middle/long-ranged specialist attackers. They can deal great single target damage via shooting weak spots from afar, while locking down groups of enemies with explosives. Their biggest asset, Weak Bullet (Blight Rounds in NA), provides a +20% damage boost for everyone, making them great to have around in raids.

A demonstration of playing Ranger in endgame content can be found at the following section: Gameplay Videos

Their primary weapons are:

AssaultRifleSmall Assault Rifleschara_weapon_00076

Rifle are the middle-ranged, single target weapon, with noticeable charge times on their 2 powerful PAs that can quickly take down threats before they move. Rifle provides options for other situations as well like mobbing, but it’s not as strong as the Ranger’s secondary.

LauncherSmall Launchers

chara_weapon_00086-chara_weapon_00086_CAB-602a0f228b14f9d15c3a62213f9eb3fa.assets-1802524510796686448Launchers are the short ranged, AoE weapon that requires good positioning and aim to make the most out of their slow PAs. If aimed right however, Launchers will easily mow down groups.

9/27/2017 adjustments has improved Launcher’s capability for single target damage, however Assault Rifles are still a better option.

Ranger’s Strengths

  • The class trainer is a crazy kill bot!
  • Easy to pick up; Ranger offers solid damage from most distances, proper positioning and aim increases it further
  • Rifles offers numerous options for single target damage, Launchers offer strong AoE/burst damage.
  • Blight Rounds increases everyone’s damage by +20%, very useful to have.
  • Strong PP recovery options with Ranger’s traps/grenades.

Ranger’s Weaknesses

  • The class trainer is a crazy kill bot!
  • Hard to master; maximizing DPS requires good positioning, aim, and familiarity with Ranger’s kit.
  • Ranger must use both Rifles and Launchers to be good, as either weapon can’t replace each other.
  • Frequent use of manual aim will be expected (especially when using Launcher) to get the most out of their shots.
  • Vulnerable to enemy aggro and poor close-range options.
  • Poor Blight Round placement makes you a liability to everyone.


Skill Analysis

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