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In every game you must upgrade your weapon for it to be strong!
A +0 grind level, 20 element weapon isn’t going to do anything for you!

Last updated: 03/06/2021

What’s the damage chart for Weapons?

The following links contains rough estimates on weapons, and assumes that the weapon is +35, and potentials such as the Fornis series matching element weaknesses are on. This chart also assumes the best conditions for Rangers such as Standing Snipe, Sharp Shooter, etc. are activated. An additional consideration is that these weapons are fully affixed; labels like DIM [170, 433] denotes a +170 R-ATK affix with 4%/3%/3% S-class abilities for example.

Note that the damage chart only shows raw damage and does not consider realistic situations, such as fighting bosses. Uses Piercing Shell notation for rifles and Concentrate One for launchers. Overall multipliers used are from Hunter subclass.

Why don’t you guys use critical SSAs in your weapon tier lists?

You may (or may not have) noticed that all of the SSAs are a standard S1 (usually Powering Intent, DES or Shoot Boost) paired with two 3% damage SSA. It serves as a baseline for stats if someone wants to go in, grab a weapon and immediately slap some affixes on it and not have the budget to go for the optimal (as Skilled Intents are rather expensive). The chart will change if critical SSAs were incorporated but that also means we have to take critical chance into consideration, which again adds another variable since Ranger can use a few different subclasses each with different critical chances thus changing the effective damage boost from critical SSAs. For now the chart will use unconditional ones to maintain consistency.

Thank you to SCMSV (Spin) for organizing these weapon tier lists.

NA/JP Rifle on-paper values before conditionals (Adjusted some percentages)
NA/JP Launcher on-paper values before conditionals (Added Obliance Fersa)

The list takes min-maxing into account, thus the highest SSA damage %’s are used for applicable weapons. Insight provided by darkmark009 has led to setting base attack power at 3k, as:

There’s no way you’re going to have only 1.5k non-weapon attack, when you have [attack buffs such as] Shifta drink, Shifta, team attack buff, not to mention units+timed abilities, and so on.

Tweak the base ATP to see how weapons scale with higher/lesser stats.

How important is elements on a weapon?

Consider the following weapon:


Although it looks strong, it’s actually quite weak. Take a closer look at the element value:


Element value is an additional bonus (+xx%) to weapon’s attack, so using a PSO2 Damage Calculator, 20 element vs 60 element (60 element for 13Star.png weapons only) would look like the following, assuming everything is turned off (no Fury Stance, no anything):


That’s a massive gap between the two! Element type is also important as it’s an additional +20% bonus against enemies weak to your weapon, so on-element weakness vs off-element weakness & 20 element vs 60 element, the damage calculator would look like this:


TL;DR: Weapon elements, both type and value, are very important in maximizing your damage.

What are the best elements for weapons?

The best element for weapons is Light, due to important endgame bosses being weak to Light. Every other element doesn’t matter as much, so you’re free to pick after having at least 1 good Light-element Rifle.

Is crafting my old NT weapons worth it?

Yes and no. Crafting just any NT weapon could result in you wasting millions of meseta and lots of time. Ideally there are a handful of weapons (and/or) weapon series that are worth crafting. To easily understand what’s worth crafting, it’s pretty much required that it’s within Austere-NT‘s level of power when fully extended. Recommended weapons would be Invade-NT and Ceres, with some special cases such as SSPN Launcher-NT and Dio Tigredor-NT.

Crafting is generally very expensive and opens opportunities for multi-class weapons or just filling in some empty gear spots. If you already have some of the endgame weapons such as Atlas Ex, Lightstream Xion or Liberate series, take some time to evaluate if crafting is the right choice for you.

What kind of weapons should I use?


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